CARiFiT 4 ALL is a free information, education and workout portal. Accessed online and designed by the CARiFiT postnatal fitness experts in partnership with GPs, Midwives, Pelvic Health Physiotherapists, Breastfeeding and Babywearing consultants.

Available to GPs via the RCGP Physical Activity and Lifestyle Toolkit and recommended by the RCGP physical activity and lifestyle clinical priority team.

CARiFiT 4 All is a 6 week FREE online membership that fills in so much information for new mums about returning to full fitness. With video based sessions with a specialist pelvic floor physio, doctors, midwives, babywearing and breastfeeding consultants it is an incredible resource to signpost your patients towards. All of this helps re-educate new mums around the limitations and requirements for postnatal exercise, how to restore their core and pelvic floor and provides them with 2 CARiFiT workouts as well. I would recommend all my GP colleagues register and download the easy to provide handouts in readiness for any fitness, Diastasis or pelvic questions that cannot be covered in the limited time available during a 6 week check.
— Dr Katherine Oliver
The information, support and exercise specific to postnatal fitness and recovery, provided by all the experts any new mum could wish to access make CARiFiT 4 ALL exactly what my patients need to follow on from their 6 week check. I make sure they all leave knowing where to access this incredible and FREE resource.
— Dr Elin Cox


Watch the video to hear from some of the contributors to CARiFiT 4 ALL and discover why they believe all primary care professionals should signpost the scheme to their patients.

Thank you to, Dr Stephanie Ooi, Dr Nikki Peacock, Dr Lucy Gore, Nicola Mictchel-Jones and Dr Elin Cox.


Dr Stephanie Ooi

Dr Lucy Gore

Dr Elin Cox

Nicola Mitchell-Jones

Dr Nikki Peacock

In early 2019 an independent evaluation was commissioned to validate the impacts experienced by women who had engaged with CARiFiT, its workouts and support network. To read the executive summary of the evaluation CLICK HERE

We invite all GPs to become CARiFiT 4 ALL champions and unlock a series of easy to use and provide assets that you can use to signpost the information available to your patients.

To register takes 1 minute and will help you to support the new mums you care for beyond their 6 week check and back to full health and fitness.

Your easy to download and print handouts will be sent straight to your inbox ready for you use during your postnatal appointments to keep your patients informed on where they can access their FREE online program and the benefits of doing so.

We know that new mums benefit physically, mentally, socially and emotionally from engaging with CARiFiT, please help them to discover the CARiFiT 4 ALL scheme.

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We have welcomed a huge number of GPs to our classes and as online members in the last 4 years. We would welcome you to take a look at the support, education and workouts that your patients receive during their FREE 6 week online membership by clicking HERE and viewing or even signing up to experience the CARiFiT 4 ALL scheme.